Coach Profile

At 35 years old and after 2 kids, Kelly participated in her first amateur fight in February of 2018, proving it is never too late to fuel a passion. Kelly is no stranger to competitive sports and tough training as she has competed in sports since a young age, including playing rugby at the University and Rep league level. 

Jay and Kelly were training together at a boxing club 15 years ago and have always maintained their involvement in the sport. Kelly has provided conditioning and nutrition programming for high level athletes, including, husband and co-owner, Jay Alexander. 

She has coached a broad range of athletes, from young kids, teens and stay at home moms to shift workers, NLL and OHL players.

Kelly is excited to share her passion for boxing and along with Jay and a great team of coaches, they hope to put Collingwood and the Shipyards Boxing Club on the map for boxing excellence. 

Level 1 - Apprentice Club Coach

Level 1 - Precision Nutrition Coach

Crossfit Gymnastics

Crossfit Weightlifting

Crossfit Strongman