Coach Profile


Meet our head coach and club owner - Jay "Hardknoxx" Alexander. Jay is an active professional boxer and has also fought professionally in Mixed Martial Arts. He brings over 20 years of boxing experience to Shipyards, having worked with individuals of all ages and abilities to help improve their fitness as well as working with amateur and professional athletes. 

Throughout Jay's many years of experience, he has had the opportunity to work with elite fighters as well as coaches in and out of the ring and octagon. He has been fortunate enough to spar in the ring and train with top amateurs and professionals, including Canadian and World Title holders. 

Aside from competition, Jay has run several training and conditioning classes in his many years of coaching, as well as previously running a gym before moving to Collingwood. His classes are not just about working out, but learning proper technique and training to improve your boxing abilities. 

From a young age, Jay was destined to be a fighter and found boxing as an outlet. Jay is a strong believer that boxing doesn't build character, it reveals it. At Shipyards Boxing he hopes to provide kids a safe space and an opportunity to train in a sport that can help build confidence and allow athletes to thrive not only as individuals but as a team.  


Professional Boxer - since 2014

Professional MMA Fighter - since 2009

Level 1 Apprentice Boxing Coach

Level 1 Agatsu - Indian Club and Mace

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Blue Belt

Winner of the 2010 MMA Expo